About Clì Gàidhlig

Leugh an duilleag seo sa Ghàidhlig

CLÌ Gàidhlig, previously known as Comann an Luchd-ionnsachaidh, was founded in 1984. There have been many changes since the early 1980s but the focus of the organisation remains on enabling adult learners to achieve fluency in the language by providing a wide range of learning resources. CLÌ has the following three aims:

– to develop the learning of Gaelic and promote the status of the Gaelic language

– to circulate information on Gaelic and Gaelic affairs

– to act as a support network for Gaelic learners and non-native speakers

CLI is headed by Am Bòrd Stiùiridh, members of which are appointed at the AGM normally held in autumn. There are a further 2 general meetings per annum.  CLÌ is a charitable company limited by guarantee (SCO08025).

Clì Gàidhlig gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Bòrd na Gàidhlig

Board Members

Nicola Carty – Chair – Glasgow

Rachel Alcorn – Vice-Chair – Edinburgh

Findlay Hickey – Treasurer – Strathpeffer

Rick Rennie – Milton of Campsie

Alison Lang – Co-opted Board Member – Edinburgh

David Eyre – Co-opted Board Member – Dunbar


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